Posted by: The Matzo Ball | November 26, 2009

CBS Intern Pranks NFL Network During Giants/Broncos Game


Denver Broncos Coach Josh McDaniels: "AAAAAAHHHHH!!

NFL Network should be liable for its mistake of allowing footage of a pre-taped foul-mouthed huddle to surface, showing Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels screaming, “All we’re trying to do is win a mother [expletive] game” in the Broncos’ 26-6 win over the New York Giants.

But NFL Network won’t take ownership for its disastrous audio clip, according to latest reports.

In what is now being classified as a “media prank,” CBS intern Stephen Farrarro allegedly hacked into NFL Network’s live telecast and used the McDaniels footage that was not supposed to make it to the air.

“There are some pranks that are funny, but sometimes you have people who take it too far,” said Steve Bornstein, the President of The NFL Network. “The worst prank we ever made on CBS was when instead of televising the Duke/N.C. State basketball game, we tricked them into putting the Drexel/George Mason game. OK, fine… it was pretty cruel to force people to watch a Drexel game, but at least George Mason went to the Final Four about half a decade ago!”

As part of a hazing act that CBS requires its interns to go through, Farrarro had a choice to either punch a Fox executive in the face, kidnap a female NBC anchor, change the CW logo to WB on three shows, or ensure there was swearing on a sports broadcast.

“I didn’t know any Fox executives that haven’t already been punched in the face, so that was out of the question,” Farrarro said. “And my friend Ian just kidnapped the woman I was thinking about kidnapping, so I didn’t want to make it too obvious. I’m not good with graphics so changing the CW logo to WB would be pretty difficult, so the swearing thing made the most sense to me.”

Even though Farraro completed the task and successfully aired McDaniels’ swearing escapade on the sideline, Farraro may no longer be an intern at CBS.

“When we first cut pieces of our interns’ ears off as part of our “Picasso Act” during their first day of orientation, we explicitly said that even if they get the job done, if they are caught in the act, then they will be fired,” Jonathan Goldstock, CBS’s Head Hazemaster, said. “We are uncertain as to whom first caught Farrarro, but it doesn’t look good for him.”

CBS is in its 11th year of its prestigious intern program where fellow members take part in the pranking of other television networks.


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