Posted by: The Matzo Ball | November 27, 2009

The November 27 Matzo Ball of the Week Awards (2nd Edition):

The November 27 Matzo Ball of the Week Awards:

Matzo Ball Article of the Week We’re just trying to do our jobs! The Clippers can’t do anything right nowadays.

Matzo Ball Photo of the Week
Umpires can never catch a break – But in this case, he did catch a tear.

Matzo Ball Play of the Week
The Eagles had virtually no offense in this game – But at least the pigeon did.

Matzo Ball Song of the Week Muse – Uprising

Matzo Ball Team of the Week

November 27 – We can’t just choose one team — so we’ll choose a whole division instead! Congratulations to the AFC North, which went 0-4 for the week. These were not pretty games… The Steelers and Bengals losing to the putrid Chiefs and Raiders, the Browns blowing a seemingly insurmountable lead to lose to the Lions on the last play of the game and the Ravens barely missing out on beating the undefeated Colts. Oy.

Kansas City 27, Pittsburgh 24 (OT) ,
Detroit 38, Cleveland 37 ,
Oakland 20, Cincinnati 17,
Indianapolis 17, Baltimore 15.

Matzo Ball Video of the Week Relax, it’s only football –  Just dont relax too much.

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