Posted by: The Matzo Ball | December 6, 2009

Michael Vick Traded By Eagles for One Quarter, Starts for Falcons

Straight out of jail, quarterback Michael Vick started the Eagles/Falcons game with the Atlanta Falcons, but finished with the Philadelphia Eagles.

For his return to Atlanta, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was hoping to run the offense for a few plays and have some positive impact on his team. Well, Michael Vick got his wish as he started at quarterback for the first time in three years – but it wasn’t with the Eagles.

Vick, recently released from jail after dogfighting chargers, was traded from the Eagles to his original team, the Atlanta Falcons, for one quarter to allow Vick to start for the team he played on for six years.

“When I was told by Andy Reid that I was going to start, Donovan [McNabb] pushed Coach [Reid] and said that if I started for the Eagles, he was going to tell on me for not being a good citizen,” Vick said. “But Coach promised me that as an early Christmas present, I would get to start.”

Philadelphia Eagles Coach Andy Reid kept his promise.

“I spoke with the Falcons, and they agreed to have him start,” Reid said. “But I said that I would trade Vick for one quarter as long as they agreed not to score any points until the game was over.”

The Falcons scored a touchdown with 0:00 remaining in the game. Aside from that, they were held scoreless.

“I’m glad that they kept their end of the bargain,” Reid said. “It really goes to show you that you can put a lot of trust in other owners and coaches. It’s morals more than anything else.”

Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith said it was not a difficult to make the decision to trade for Vick for the first quarter.

“We had a choice: Should we start an insurance salesman who is currently a backup on our team or a Pro Bowl QB dog killer who is on the opposing team?” Smith said. “The answer was obvious.”

Vick said he was thrilled to play for the Eagles and the Falcons in the same game.

“I didn’t know what reaction to expect, but when I was told that I was going to start the game for the Falcons, I immediately just broke down and started crying,” said Vick, who threw for a touchdown and added another one on the ground. “I don’t know how many people in the NFL have ever played on their former team and their formerly former team in the same game.

Game Notes:
The Atlanta Falcons are protesting the game, saying that Vick’s two touchdowns should have counted for Atlanta, not Philadelphia.


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