Posted by: The Matzo Ball | December 7, 2009

Tiger Woods Had Affair With Ex-NBA Referee Tim Donaghy

Tiger Woods celebrates his love for ex-NBA ref Tim Donaghy.

Just when Tiger Woods thought he was out of the spotlight, reports have shown that the golf superstar had not one – not two – but affairs with four individuals. First came Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs and Mindy Lawton. But the fourth person was perhaps the most shocking.

Woods admitted earlier today that the first person with whom he started his affair was Tim Donaghy, the former NBA referee who was sent to jail for 15 months, after betting on games in which he officiated.

“When Timmy Tim [Donaghy] pleaded guilty on that gloomy August 15, 2007, my heart shattered,” Woods said. “He was my first, my last, my everything. “How could I ever look at my wife the same again, knowing that she was only the second most important person in my life?”

Donaghy knew that if he pleaded guilty, he would spend less time in jail, meaning he could one day return to his beloved golfer.

“Most people don’t know that I was the one who gave Eldrick the nickname “Tiger,” Donaghy said. “He said that even if he couldn’t be with me in public, every time someone calls him ‘Tiger,’ it reminds him of me.”

The 10-time PGA Player of the Year has been in hot water as of late, and this may have put him over the edge.

“What am I supposed to do?” Woods asked. “No matter what I do, I’m a liar. I’m either lying to the media and my family, saying I care about them more than my Timothy Jimothy, or I’m lying to myself by saying I’d rather spend time with my family than my true lover.”

The couple was first publicly seen at the New Year’s Eve Festival in Manhattan, N.Y. back in 2005. Photos were taken of the pair, but no one suspected they were anything more than friends.

“I loved how he was a bad boy, constantly betting on basketball games,” Woods said. “I thought it was so dangerous how he kept almost getting caught and got in trouble with the mafia a few times. The only trouble my wife has gotten in is when she accidentally smacked me with my 3-iron when I got into the fire hydrant accident.”

Donaghy said he wouldn’t change his life for a second.

“If I could do it all over again and avoid the mess I got into with the NBA, but never meet Eldrick [Woods], I wouldn’t do it,” Donaghy, the cheating gambler, whispered creepily. “I love him – and I always will.”


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