Posted by: The Matzo Ball | December 11, 2009

The December 11 Matzo Ball of the Week Awards (4th Edition):

The December 11 Matzo Ball of the Week Awards:

Matzo Ball Article of the Week – Chad Ochocinco doing what he does best – What’s wrong with a little bit of culture?

Matzo Ball Photo of the WeekIt’s what every fan is thinking… – And I guess what the referee is thinking too.

Matzo Ball Play of the Week
When it’s the Redskins, anything can happen. – Especially when you’re playing the Saints.

Matzo Ball Song of the Week Killin in the Name Of – Rage Against the Machine

Matzo Ball Team of the WeekTwo weeks ago, they shared the honor with the rest of its division mates.  But taking sole possession of the award on the first night of Chanukah? This team has lost five games in a row, is 6-7 on the season and all seven of its losses were by a touchdown or less. Is this really the same team that gave the Minnesota Vikings its only loss of the season? There’s nothing Super about last year’s Super Bowl champs. Give it up for the Pittsburgh Steelers!!!

Matzo Ball Video of the Week The Crystal Ball says that Super Bowl commercials are great – The ball never lies.

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