Posted by: The Matzo Ball | December 13, 2009

Young Teenagers Officiate Eagles – Giants Game As Part of Birthday Present

Desean Jackson is out for two weeks after getting smushed by Andy Reid during a sideline celebration.

Following the duration of the Sunday Night Football game, analysts were describing the Philadelphia Eagles’ 45-38 win over the New York Giants as one with several defensive errors. Last night, we found out the reasoning behind this madness.

As part of a birthday present for 13-year-old twins Alex and Jake Sherman were named the head officials for the crucial NFC East matchup.

“We were very fair throughout the game,” Jake, the twin without the huge mole on his forehead said. “We told both defensive groups that if they came within two yards of the player on offense, we would call a penalty. I’m used to playing Madden on Xbox360 so I was going to make sure that we wouldn’t have one of those standard 20-17 games.”

Perhaps that would explain close to 700 passing yards and 83 points, 30 of which came in the second quarter. On two separate occasions, 21 points were scored within a 4-minute 30-second span.

While non-mole twin said his main goal was to ensure that it was a high-scoring affair, Alex – better known as Moley Moley – had aspirations of ending the game as quickly as possible, even when Philadelphia had a chance to pad its lead going into halftime.

“We saw that the Eagles recovered the Giants’ fumble with three seconds left in the half,” Alex said. “But I told my intern in the locker room to start cooking me a hamburger at the two-minute warning. After seeing the two touchdowns that were scored in the final two minutes, I wasn’t going to wait any longer and let my hamburger get cold.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that due to the poor economy, it is important that younger fans get into the game and experience what it’s like to be a referee.

“We’ve seen so many refs make horrible calls, and they end up getting yelled at for their mistakes,” Goodell said. “So I figured, because it’s Alex’s and Jake’s birthday, let them see what it’s like to be a ref for a day. If blind refs can do an efficient job, why can’t teenagers?”

Game Notes:
After Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Trent Cole and New York Giants lineman Shaun O’Hara got into a scuffle after the final whistle blew, Alex and Jake Sherman punched both of them in the face. Both Sherman twins fractured their hands from the impact and are sidelined from school for 2-4 weeks… Desean Jackson is out for two weeks after getting smushed by Andy Reid during a sideline celebration.


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