Matzo Ball Team of the Week

Matzo Ball Team of the Week


December 11 – Two weeks ago, they shared the honor with the rest of its division mates.  But taking sole possession of the award on the first night of Chanukah? This team has lost five games in a row, is 6-7 on the season and all seven of its losses were by a touchdown or less. Is this really the same team that gave the Minnesota Vikings its only loss of the season? There’s nothing Super about last year’s Super Bowl champs. Give it up for the Pittsburgh Steelers!!!

December 4 – The return of Allen Iverson can only mean one thing… The Philadelphia 76ers 10th straight loss.


November 27 – We can’t just choose one team — so we’ll choose a whole division instead! Congratulations to the AFC North, which went 0-4 for the week. These were not pretty games… The Steelers and Bengals losing to the putrid Chiefs and Raiders, the Browns blowing a seemingly insurmountable lead to lose to the Lions on the last play of the game and the Ravens barely missing out on beating the undefeated Colts. Oy.

Kansas City 27, Pittsburgh 24 (OT) ,
Detroit 38, Cleveland 37 ,
Oakland 20, Cincinnati 17,
Indianapolis 17, Baltimore 15.

November 20 Just for this special first edition, we are giving it to all New Jersey teams. C0ngrats to the New Jersey Nets the East Rutherford, NJ (New York) Jets and the East Rutherford, NJ (New York) Giants, who have combined for 0 wins in November.

Since this is the first ever mentioning of “Team of the Week” on the Matzoball, we decided to give the award to three teams, but just one state. Congratulations to the teams and of city the month thus far…   New Jersey, unlike all your sports teams.. YOU WIN!!!  The three-way-tie goes to the New Jersey Nets the East Rutherford, NJ (New York) Jets and the East Rutherford, NJ (New York) Giants.

Things have been going very well for the state of New Jersey. In the month of November, the Jets (0-2), Giants (0-2) and Nets (0-9) have combined for as many wins as the Philadelphia Lakers.


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